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[Backhoe Loader Operation] Mastering the backhoe loader: Operation tips and points
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        Backhoe loader is a highly efficient multifunctional compound machine made up of loader and multifunctional backhoe loader's bucket and excavator bucket are interchangeable with different attachments. The bucket can be replaced with different attachments such as forks and snow ploughs, the excavator part can be lifted and replaced with a crushing hammer, making it a crusher.


Backhoe Loader - Crusher

        In order to make the backhoe loader body more compact and flexible, TDER backhoe loader 2.5ton has an all-round view, spacious and comfortable fully enclosed ROPS cab with built-in air-conditioning, hot and cold. The cab is designed with an adjustable steering seat, which is designed to be comfortable and height-adjustable, so that during construction, the operator only needs to turn the seat to complete the transition from backhoe to loader.


Backhoe Loader - Cab & Air Conditioning

Notes on driving a backhoe loader ZT388:

        1. Check whether the gears are in neutral position before starting, and check whether the instruments are in the normal range after the engine has been running for some time after starting.

        2. Develop a good habit of routine maintenance, regularly check whether the parts are normal and replace them in time. Generally carry out an important inspection and maintenance after every 200 hours of operation.

        3. Drive around for a week before driving, observe whether there are obstacles and hazards around the body, and clear or go around in time.

        4. When working on backhoe loader, it is forbidden to take people other than the driver, and the space inside the vehicle is limited to prevent misoperation.

        5. When driving on the road, strictly follow the traffic regulations and prohibit drunken driving work.

        6. If the soil in the construction area is too firm, forbid the backhoe loader to dig and shovel to prevent damage to machine parts.

        7. Before starting digging, lower the outriggers and stabilise the body. Rotate the seat and retract the outriggers and arm in time when using the shovel function.


Backhoe Loader - Seat


        Mastering these backhoe loader basics will make you more proficient and safe in operation!