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Meet the Canton Fair - Multiple international customers visit the TDER factory
Release Date:2023-11-15 Views:240

        Hug old friends and shake hands with new ones. At the 134th Canton Fair, new and old customers from all over the world met with TDER again.

        On October 15, 2023, the 134th Canton Fair officially kicked off, reproducing the prosperity of thousands of businessmen. With its innovative design, environmentally friendly production concept and personalized customized service, the products of Xiamen Taidel Industrial Co., Ltd. have attracted the attention of international customers in the construction machinery exhibition area. On the first day of the exhibition, more than 300 visitors were received.

        Xiamen TDER Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer of construction machinery and logistics handling equipment in China, and is also a leading enterprise of logistics machinery customization, committed to providing customers with highly customized logistics handling equipment. Its products are exported to 158 countries and regions including Brazil, Russia, Australia, Canada and Turkey, with 56 agents.

        At the exhibition, the high voltage lithium electric forklift brought by TDER attracted many customers to stop and inquire. This product, as the first cooperation between TDER and the new energy era giant Ningde era, not only can resist cold and heat, but also exceed the charging efficiency of ordinary electric forklifts, and can adapt to various extreme conditions. It is the innovation highlight of TDER's exhibition, which makes many visitors want to come to the factory to see the actual working state of the product.

        After the show, Anou from Algeria and Alvino from Brazil came to the TDER forklift factory to see the complete production line and strict quality inspection operations.


Anou is filming a demonstration of forklift operation

        As an old customer of TDER, Alvino focused on the production line of forklift trucks, and the standardized and advanced production workshop made Alvino full of confidence and expectations for the three forklifts he had purchased. In the sample workshop, Anou praised the Teddel forklift on display, saying that the surprise of visiting a high-quality factory in depth is better than attending an exhibition.


Alvino was warmly welcomed by TDER

        Edwin, who also learned about TDER at the Canton Fair, came to the headquarters of TDER and directly negotiated with the foreign trade team of TDER on matters related to cooperation, and finally signed an order for the export of 5 high-voltage lithium electric forklifts to Bolivia.


Edwin is having a conversation about cooperating

        In addition to new customers, there are also many old customers who received an invitation from TDER to visit the Canton Fair, and Azad from Pakistan is one of them. Prior to this, Azad has been working with TEDdel for five years, and the purchased Teddel brand loaders, excavators and other construction machinery and equipment have been put into use in Pakistan, and have been praised by the Azad construction team as "efficient and durable".


Azad concluded a procurement agreement with TDER

        Finally this year, Azad once again had the opportunity to come to China to meet with TDER at the Canton Fair and personally visit TDER's loader and excavator factory after the show. He believes that it is the strict management system and advanced manufacturing concepts that make the Teddel brand machinery durable at the same time, full of innovative and practical design. In recognition of the high level of recognition, Azad went on to contract with TDER for the mechanical products required for the next engineering project.

        Bearing the trust and expectation of new and old customers, TDER will continue to provide customers with energy-saving, innovative and durable customized machinery by providing customized, high-quality products and high-quality services, and strive for the intelligent logistics and handling of the world!